Get Legit Foundations Mini-Course

Get Legit Foundations is an essential course for business owners in any stage of business. If you are starting out making sure you have a strong foundation is essential for growth. If you are growing then taking time to reevaluate your business, your foundation, and your goals allow you to be ready for what comes next. 

This course includes 6 Video Lessons to work through at your own pace and a Digital Workbook to guide you through evaluating your business.

The Get Legit Foundations Mini-Course covers

  1. Business Basics - essential for all business owners
  2. The Money Stuff - because if you don’t protect it what’s the point?
  3. Websites - Yes..there are laws that govern your website and you need to know them
  4. Copyright & Trademarks - make sure you aren’t building on someone else’s intellectual property
  5. Corporate Formations - LLC’s, Corporations & S-Corps! I break it down.


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