It depends...Just kidding, don’t you hate those typical lawyer answers. Emily D. Baker is a lawyer, but does not run a law firm and does not provide representative work. Emily does provide legal consulting if your into that sort of thing. These templates are a trusted source for your DIY legal, but that only takes you so far. If you business or your particular situation is complicated seek legal council to determine exactly what your business needs.  This shop provides products and business support and does not advise on legal issues.

Emily wanted to make sure all her online entrepreneur friends had legal protection they could afford and trust, which is why hundreds of entrepreneurs have been through her courses and use her documents.

Our contracts are plug and play. You will receive an editable Word document and a PDF for reference along with a walkthrough video. You simply, Download it, fill in the banks and send it off to your clients. OR upload the template into your favorite CRM like Dubsado or 17 Hats to customize it electronically.

All our templates are digitally delivered with an editable Word document and a PDF so you have a reference for the original template. You also receive a video walkthrough explaining where you need to edit the template, what the provisions mean and how to implement it in your business.

Yes! Our contracts are written to a national standard so that they are applicable in the U.S. if you are doing business outside of the US there are other rules that may apply. I understand that doing business online means you will be working with people everywhere, I believe your contracts should too! 

No! Electronic signing is a seamless experience both for you and for your clients. There are several platforms that make the process of sending a contract, signing and countersigning effortless. I use and recommend Dubsado but 17 Hats is also a great choice.

Some businesses have really unique situations where a custom contract is the best way to go. However 99% of the time, starting with a template and customizing it to make it your own is the best use of your resources. Each of my templates comes with a video showing you exactly how to use it and where to add in your unique customizations.

All our templates were drafted by Emily D. Baker, a licensed attorney in California, in conjunction with attorneys who are experts in specific areas of business, employment and intellectual property law. This ensures you get the best and most up to date templates to use in your business.

When you buy a  template from Emily D. Baker, you get:

• A contract drafted by Emily D. Baker, a licensed attorney in California, you’re getting expertise at a fraction of the cost of a lawyer’s hourly rate. {Emily would bill at a rate of over $500 an hour given her extensive legal experience}

• Emily also runs an online business and runs a brick and mortar with her husband, this means you get the  peace of mind knowing that your contract was written someone who understands WHY it’s important to protect your business with a solid contract. And who understands HOW YOU WORK.

• Solid protection in plain English. These contracts are written for you, not for lawyers. We use easy to understand language so you can present your clients with a contract they can understand.

Sorry, no dice! Your purchase of your contract templates are for your business use only. If your friends or clients want a contract template, join my affiliate program and send them your referral link. You’ll earn a commission and keep the bad business karma away. If you have a unique situation or a community you support and need help with this contact us at hello@emilydbaker.com

Yep! A pretty contract is still as legally binding as an ugly one! Emily makes it clear in her video walkthrough what styling you can change and where you can add branding.

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