About Emily

Hi There! I am Emily and I am a legal consultant for online entrepreneurs and business owners. With over 13 years as a practicing attorney, I have seen it all. First, it hasn’t all been cute but it has allowed me to know exactly what you need and are going to need in your business.


That is why I created this DIY option full of common sense documents that will both protect your business and make total sense to everyone involved. (Pssst….they also come with VIDEOS!)  Unlike perhaps every other lawyer ever, I believe in making the legal protection you need affordable because your business deserves legal protection at every stage. I make it easy to stop worrying about the legal stuff.


Prior to serving online business owners and entrepreneurs, I was a Los Angeles County District Attorney. So when I say I have seen it all….I have, truly. My career of over 10 years lead to a bit (ok a lot) of burn out and a desire to really share my ability to make complicated situations easier to understand. So I left my career behind and created my own online business catering to other online businesses...it’s kinda meta and I love that. Within that journey, I have built and run a multi seven figure brick and mortar business with my husband for over 15 years, as well as taught and supported hundreds of entrepreneurs in their own journey to Get Legit™.

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