Publicity Release

  • What it is.

    A publicity release allows you to use testimonials, images, videos and other media provided to you by your clients or those you work with. Having a publicity release ensures that you are sharing things properly and with authorization. This simple and effective document will protect you from claims that you didn't have permission to share the likeness, testimonial, social media handles etc.

    Who it’s made for.

    Do you use testimonials in your business? What about a live event where you are going to be photographing or recording your participants? Do you have people submit materials that you want to use in marketing or promotions? Then you need a publicity release. This is sometimes called a Model release but it goes so far beyond just someone modeling a product for your blog, or shop…though that is covered as well.

    What it comes with.

    • Video walkthrough on how to use and modify your Publicity Release to fit your business

    • Editable Publicity Release

    • PDF Publicity Release for reference

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