Client Agreement for Service Providers

  • What it is.

    This client agreement clearly sets forth the terms of your working relationship. One of the best ways to protect your business is to have clear communication in your business relationships. If you want to put your best foot forward in business having a professional working agreement is a perfect first step.

    Who it’s made for.

    All Service providers including:

    • Virtual Assistants

    • Web Developers

    • Designers

    • Ad Managers

    • Social Media Managers

    • Coaches Consultants

    *Please note there is a separate agreement for Wellness & Fitness Professionals*

    So...If you work with clients, then you need a good client agreement. This one includes a Non-Disclosure clause to protect your proprietary information, and an End User License Agreement if you are creating work where you need to use intellectual property, or your client does and a work for hire release so that the rights of what you build for your client transfer to them if needed.

    What it comes with.

    • Video walkthrough on how to use and modify your Client Agreement for Service Providers to fit your business

    • Editable Client Agreement for Service Providers




    • PDF Client Agreement for Service Providers for reference

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