Website Bundle | Membership Sites Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

  • What it is.
    This Bundle includes both the Terms of Use for Membership Sites and the Privacy Policy, basically, everything you need for your website

    The Terms of Use is for any business that has a US-based website and is GDPR and California Privacy Act compliant. You can modify these terms to fit the needs of your site. Terms of Use are the first line in protecting your content and setting the ground rules for how people may use your site.

    All US websites are required by law to have a Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy is what tells users of your site how the site interacts with their private information. This privacy policy includes an AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER if it’s appropriate for your site.

    Why you need good terms of use on your website.
    Terms of Use are what protect the content on your site and tells the public how they may use the items on your site. The web can be a bit like the wild west with people taking your content, protecting your site with good Terms of Use are critical. These Terms of Use also allow you to set your jurisdiction for any disagreements that may arise regarding your site. Much better than a site user suing you where they live!

    Who it’s made for.
    Any business that has a website needs solid terms of use.

    What it comes with.

    • Video walkthrough on how to use and modify your Membership  Site Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to fit your business

  • • Editable Membership Site Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

    • PDF Membership Site Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for reference

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