Independent Contractor Agreement

    • What it is.

      This Independent Agreement Contractor agreement is perfect if you work with contractors in your business or are sub-contracting work to independent contractors. This agreement sets forth all the working boundaries, protects your intellectual property, has a non-disclosure agreement to protect your business and your clients. Working with independent contractors without an agreement puts your business and clients at risk.

      Who it’s made for.

      Any business that works with independent contractors. Please remember that having independent contractors is most appropriate for individuals who are doing something different than the service provided by your business i.e. you are a photographer and are hiring a web designer. But not if you are a photographer hiring a second shooter. If you have questions about classifying someone please consult with a professional or book a strategy call with Emily D Baker.

      NOTE- it is your responsibility to make sure you are not mislabeling employees as independent contractors, it can cause massive issues in your business.

      What it comes with.

      • Video walkthrough on how to use and modify your Independent Contractor Agreement to fit your business

      • Editable Independent Contractor Agreement 

      • PDF Independent Contractor Agreement 

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